Does your basement feel humid and damp? Frequent rainfalls can make it difficult to keep your basement — and the rest of your house — dry.

Gutter Ice Dams in Cincinnati
Installing Gutters Cincinnati

At Energy Smart Products, we know that the secret to a dry home is functional gutters. Our professionals can keep your downstairs dry by installing new gutters. Contact us at (513) 301-0539 for a free quote today; we serve Northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, and the surrounding areas.

Installing New Gutters

The gutters’ job is to protect your house by channeling water away from the foundation. It also protects vinyl siding from constant exposure to rainwater. When gutters aren’t working correctly, they leave your home vulnerable to leaks, decay, and excessive moisture.

Sometimes gutters break because they’re old. Other times harsh storms damage them. If your gutters were damaged by a storm, wind, or other inclement weather, our contractors will contact the insurance company on your behalf. We’re skilled at advocating for you and getting the company to cover restoration costs.

We install 5-and 6-inch seamless aluminum gutters. Installing gutters that work properly now is an investment that could save the stress — and cost — of dealing with mold infestation and structural rot later.

Ice Dam Problems

Ice dam accumulation in your gutters is often indicative of poor attic insulation. If your attic isn’t properly insulated, warm air from your house escapes and begins warming the snow on your roof. This snow melts, trickles onto the eaves, and then freezes. As the frozen water begins accumulating, ice dams form. When the dams get heavy enough, they will fall, potentially damaging your gutters and roofing.

If your home is prone to ice dams, our professionals will remove them, repair any damages they may have caused, and perform an efficiency test on your insulation.

Hire the Professionals

Energy Smart Products isn’t your typical home contractor. We strive to provide the highest quality of craftsmanship and customer service. Below are some of the ways we go above and beyond to serve you:

  • We hire qualified professionals — not inexperienced workers.
  • Customer service is a top priority; our owner handles all communication.
  • We can increase your home’s efficiency and lower your energy bills.

Contact us at (513) 301-0539 to get a free quote today. In addition to installing gutters, we provide interior and exterior door installation and energy-efficient window replacements. Call now and experience Predictable Energy Savings.